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Welcome to the Afghan Project™!

We'd love to have you participate.

Our goal is to provide a personalized afghan for every foster child in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. At any time, there are many thousands of foster children in the state, ranging in age from newborn to adolescent.

The Afghan Project™ has delivered many thousands of afghans to foster children in Massachusetts!

A Talented Contributor Will be Missed

Our dear friend and prolific contributor to the Afghan Project, Grace, died this April. We do not know how she found us, but find us she did. Her single stitch crocheted afghans were unique as was the way she cross stitched the children's names. She embroidered her last name tags while she was in the hospital.

She created one special afghan that was an American flag. We were able to give it to a young man named Walter when he was accepted to Annapolis Prep with the promise that he would be a student at Annapolis the following year. This was very unusual because when he came to foster care in his freshman year he was a D/F student. When he was a senior he was an A/B student and a state champion wrestler.

Whenever Grace came to the Friday Lunch Bunch she brought her oatmeal, raisin, cranberry cookies and brownies. Now if we could only find the recipes for them. We will miss her dearly and remember her always.

Award for the Afghan Project™ for National Adoption Day


History of the Afghan Project™

In the spring of 1998, in a group of seniors who meet monthly at a local library, a woman mentioned that she was lonely and bored. Could Nancy think of something she might do? Nancy said, "Make me a square, and I will find a way to use it." And the Afghan Project™ was born.

After several calls, Nancy connected with the Department of Social Services, Contribution Division, and they were delighted to be able to give the afghans as something special to foster children so the children could have something to hold on to as their own. Each child receives an afghan with his or her own name embroidered on it.


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